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Brand: Control4 Model: C4-CA1
Control4® CA-1 Automation ControllerThe Control4® CA-1 Automation Controller is the perfect entry point into Control4 automation built around security, comfort, and convenience solutions. It has built-in control for IP, ZigBee®, and serial devices, plus an internal slot for a Z-Wave Plus™&..
Ex Tax:$165.00
Control4® CA-10 Automation Controller Control4® CA-10 Automation Controller
New -20 %
Brand: Control4 Model: C4-CA10
Control4® CA-10 Automation ControllerThe CA-10 Automation Controller is the newest and most powerful member of the award-winning line of Control4 controllers. It is purpose built for big jobs, delivering 4× the processing power and memory of the EA-5 to provide great performance even when contr..
$2,000.00 $2,500.00
Ex Tax:$2,000.00
Brand: Control4 Model: C4-CORE1
Control4® CORE 1 ControllerDesigned to fit discreetly behind any television, CORE 1 enables entertainment and intelligent automation experiences in every area, whether residential, commercial, or retail. CORE 1 delivers a beautiful, intuitive, and responsive 4K on-screen user interface with the..
Ex Tax:$199.99
Control4® CORE 3 Controller
New Hot -10 %
Brand: Control4 Model: C4-CORE3
Control4® CORE 3 ControllerCORE 3, is the perfect fusion of multi-room, high resolution audio and intelligent automation processing for mid-size projects, whether residential, commercial or retail.Powered by a next-generation multi-core processor, CORE 3 delivers a new level of speed and perfor..
$199.99 $220.99
Ex Tax:$199.99
Control4® EA-5 V2 Control4® EA-5 V2
New -10 %
Brand: Control4 Model: C4-EA5-V2
Control4® EA-5 Entertainment Bundle with Remote & Recharging Station, V2The Control4 EA-5 Entertainment and Automation Controller are designed to deliver the ultimate smart home experience, featuring the highest-quality audio of the EA series and processing power to coordinate hundreds of smart ..
$249.00 $276.99
Ex Tax:$249.00
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