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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Items Shipped as Freight

If your item requires a freight company, it will be delivered curbside to your home. The freight company will call you one day in advance to make a delivery appointment. You (the purchaser) must be present to inspect the item.
When the delivery is made:


  1. Check each item for visible signs of damage. Make specific notes on the delivery receipt detailing any and all marks, dings, or dents in the exterior packaging.
  2. Open your item and examine it for damage while the driver is still present. If your item is damaged, refuse it.
  3. Record an exact, detailed description of the results of the examination on all copies of the delivery receipt, using specific details like "release handle broken" or "12-inch scratch on framework." Note on the receipt that you have refused the item. Generic notes like "box damaged" do not provide adequate support for a damaged item claim.
  4. Have the driver sign all copies of the receipt.


If the delivery driver tells you anything other than the policy you see outlined here, do not proceed with any part of the delivery without first contacting Walts.


Did you receive a damaged item?

If the item arrives damaged from the delivery company, do not sign for it and do not accept it! Write "REFUSED" on the freight bill and then call us immediately at (623) 250-0979 .

If something is wrong with an order that is being fulfilled by, we certainly want to help you. Please read the information below for more on how to proceed.

Do you need to cancel or change an order that has not yet entered the shipping process?

Please call us at (623) 250-0979 to arrange cancellation or to update your order.

Did you receive a defective item?

All of our items come with a standard manufacturer's warranty. We will help you resolve defective items based on that warranty. Simply call us at (623) 250-0979 .

Did you receive the wrong item or an item you didn't order?

Call us at (623) 250-0979 and we'll ask you to indicate the number of items you're returning, as well as whether they arrived instead of or in addition to items that you did order. We will also ask you whether you need a refund or a replacement sent to you.

Are you missing an item?

Check the packing slip that was included with your shipment. We may have split your order into multiple shipments, which we would indicate on the packing slip. If this is the case, rest assured that you will not be charged any additional shipping costs beyond those you had originally authorized. Visit the relevant order status page for estimated delivery dates for every shipment associated with your order.

If the freight company tells you anything different than the policies outlined on this page, do NOT proceed with your item's delivery until you have called us!

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